Debra Sparks Dance Works team members had an amazing weekend in Baltimore at the Legacy Competition!!  

The photographs during the event couldn’t be more beautiful!!  Click here to view 

Legacy Awards Legacy Awards Top Ten Overall – Jr. Small Group Advanced
Above the Clouds 

Top Ten Overall – Jr. Large Group Advanced
Cloud Song
Ex Wives

Top Five Overall – Jr. Line Advanced

Top Ten Overall – Mini Large Group Novice
Ballet Militaire

Top Ten Overall – Sr Large Group Advanced
I Surrender 

Top Ten Overall – Senior Line Advanced
What Happens When a Woman 

1st Overall Mini Duo/Trio
You, Me, and The Beat 

Junior Advanced Solos Top Ten
Mia Casciano
Ava Charlton 

Junior Advanced Duet/Trio – Top 5
You Say 

Junior Miss Legacy Runner -Up
Ava – I’m The Greatest Star 

National Opening #
Sophia Pinto
Ashley May
Brooke May
Sylvia Miller 

Special Awards

Energizer Bunnies – You Me and The Beat Duet

Hype Hip Hop –  Lily – A Different Beat 

Excellent Storytelling – Above the Clouds 

Effortless Emotion – Ishani – Titanium 

Lovely Lines – Faye Arcade 

Lovely Lines – Joplin 

Characterization – Cell Block Tango 

Class Act – Nothing 

Emotional Excellence – Ashley- Memory 

Broadway Bound – Dakota – Defying Gravity 

Turn Like A Top – Ava – Rainbow 

Soulful Performance – Feeling Good  

Passionate Performance – I Surrender 

Light Up the Stage Dancer – Evelyn